Ready for a Spring Reset?  Start fresh with four weeks of Potato Reset group coaching with Jeannine Elder, author of The Potato Reset. You can also go through the course without group coaching – see payment options.

Starts: Monday May 3, 2021  

Group Coaching Sessions: Wednesday's 8pm EST / 5pm PST
(all sessions will be available for replays)

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Registration closes Sunday May 2nd 11:59pm PST









Benefits of The Potato Reset Course + Optional Group Coaching

Immersive Learning

Immersive learning with easy-to-follow video modules, insightful quizzes and PDF worksheets.


Check in regularly with the private community to share your wins and struggles.

Live Coaching Calls

Weekly live group coaching calls for extra support and accountability.*

Reset Your Tastebuds

Reduce junk-food cravings while retraining your tastebuds to enjoy the taste of the real food.

A Mental Vacation from Food

Take a break from food, without having to give up eating. Spend less mental energy making food decisions through the simplicity and satiety of potatoes. Calm cravings and focus less on food for the next eight weeks.

  • Immersive Learning: Easy-to-follow video modules, insightful quizzes, PDF worksheets and group coaching.
  • Accountability & Support: Get answers to your questions and share your wins/struggles in the private support group on Facebook!
  • Build New Habits: Stripping away all the bad habits by focusing on simplicity gives the opportunity to build a solid foundation for new long lasting habits.
  • Live Coaching Calls: Weekly live group coaching calls with Potato Coach Jeannine.*
  • Crave Healthy Food: You will have a new appreciation for the simplest, healthiest and most inexpensive foods on the planet.
  • Reset Your Tastebuds: Retrain your tastebuds and brain to enjoy the taste of whole plant foods.
  • Calm Your Junk Cravings: Expect to see a reduction in your cravings for unhealthy food.
  • Shed Some Weight: You will learn quickly that potatoes are amazing for weight loss and maintenance.

*Weekly LIVE Group Coaching sessions included only with the group coaching package "The Russet*

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This Isn't Just About Potatoes

During the last two weeks, students have the option to start transitioning off The Potato Reset. Jeannine will be providing guidance so that you will feel confident in choosing a whole foods plant based diet that works for you!

Immersive Learning with Support & Accountability

Easy-to-follow video modules, insightful quizzes, PDF worksheets along with community support and weekly LIVE group coaching sessions.

Personal Experience

Jeannine understands through her own personal experience how challenging it is to stay on track, even with all the right tools and knowledge. We don’t live in a perfect world and her kind, yet firm guidance helps her students navigate that reality – in a realistic and sustainable way.


In February 2017, Jeannine ate only potatoes with minimal fat-free sauces for an entire month. As a result, she lost 8 pounds, diminished junk food cravings and reset her taste buds. Since then, she has lost 40 additional pounds eating mostly potatoes with non-starchy veggies, and she has inspired many others to do the same.

"​Jeannine knows potatoes and she knows what works! The Potato Reset coaching program is great for those that want support and accountability. The weekly group coaching sessions were convenient and helped me stay on track. I really liked the private Facebook group too. I hit a weight loss milestone that month and it was all because of Jeannine and potatoes! I highly recommend this program if you’re serious about weight loss or just getting those cravings in check."

Kathryn Kubala

"​Last summer I really needed accountability to stay on the potato diet and stop my night time snacking habit for 30 days and it really helped me to stick to the plan. I would recommend Jeanine for group coaching. She was very encouraging!"

Rhonda Kay Jones

"Jeannine’s Potato Reset group coaching sessions were a phenomenal way to help keep me accountable. The small group setting created a close-knit, engaging, and supportive environment. Jeannine was also very approachable and provided a great deal of motivation and materials to help me achieve my goals. After the first week, I was able to decipher my genuine hunger cues versus my emotional hunger. By the end of the coaching sessions, I was able to hit a massive goal of mine—onederland! I had not seen the 100’s in almost a decade! I highly recommend this program if you want to reset your body’s natural state of hunger, transform your taste buds, and lose weight! Power to the potato!”"

Jenn McKnight

"After discovering Jeannine's YouTube channel last summer, I went back and binged-watched every video; next I signed up for her Potato Group Coaching. Despite the fact that I am usually a self-starter and do most challenges on my own, I thought it would be fun and motivating to be part of this special group... and it was! She was always so supportive and encouraging to all of us. We had weekly assignments and were also encouraged to share our particular struggles and questions. Not only did we have Jeanine's help but also each other's as we all had something special to offer to one another. A wonderful experience!"

Cally Rakita

"Jeannine's coaching is the best! I love the small group video chats where we can ask questions and find solutions to things that trip me up along the journey. Cooking videos are great. Her videos are just like real life...and I like that! No judgments, just support and tips to get me healthy! Thank you"

Andrea G

"Jeannine is friggen awesome, she gives the best advice! She always inspires me, always encouraging and never judgemental. I think she's pretty awesome and anybody that gets coaching with her is pretty darned lucky"


“I’m certainly not perfect—but I can manage my cravings now, which has been more empowering and freeing than I ever could have imagined. Weight loss just feels like a bonus!"

The Spring Potato Reset includes:


  • Lifetime access to The Potato Reset Course
  • Access to the private Potato Reset Student Community: a Facebook group for students and alumni only –where you will get to know your fellow resetters, share challenges and progress
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching sessions with Jeannine to answer your questions and give you an extra level of support*
  • LIVE Welcome video to help you get pumped and prepped – in the private Facebook group
  • Prep PDF to get you started off on the right foot

*Weekly LIVE Group Coaching sessions included only with the group coaching package "The Russet*

This program is for people who are ready to:

  • Commit and stick with the program for 4 weeks 
  • Show up for group coaching sessions as much as possible and fully participate in the community
  • Experience a-ha moments and understand the difference between hunger and cravings 
  • Support others and cheer them on along the way
  • Shop for and cook the suggested food in the program
  • Explore the mental and emotional contributors to unhealthy eating patterns
  • Lose weight, feel fantastic, gain energy and accomplish your goals!

The Potato Reset isn’t just about food (although it’s incredibly delicious and easy!); it’s about the systems at work in our minds. And sometimes it’s much easier to heal those systems with the guidance of a coach. If you’re someone who wants more hands-on support and attention, I hope you’ll consider signing up for The Great Holiday Potato Reset, to avoid that holiday FLOOF!

Registration Closes at 11:59 PM PST on Sunday May 2nd









Are you ready for 4 weeks of support, accountability and simplicity?

Questions? Email me at [email protected] – I'm happy to chat!

Pricing Options

Two options to suit your preference. All prices in USD.

Course + Group Coaching



4 weekly Group Coaching sessions via Zoom

Access to Group Coaching replays

Accountability and peer support in the private student Facebook group

Lifetime access to THE POTATO RESET COURSE to go at your own pace and return to it anytime you want

Notify Me of the Next Session

Course Only


Sale Ends May 31, 2021

Lifetime access to THE POTATO RESET COURSE to go at your own pace and return to it anytime you want

Accountability and peer support in the private student Facebook group

IMPORTANT: this option does NOT include group coaching sessions. 


Buy Now

If you purchase The Potato Reset Course and/or a Group Coaching Session you understand and agree to the following:

I understand that Jeannine Elder is not a medical professional and cannot give medical advice or prescribe treatment. I understand that Jeannine’s coaching provides motivation, accountability and education based on her personal experience.  I understand that The Potato Reset can compliment my medical care and that it is not a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, or care of disease by a medical professional.

I understand that if I’m under the care of a medical professional or currently use any prescription medication, that t should discuss any dietary changes with my doctor. I understand that Jeannine does not recommend discontinuing any prescription medications without first consulting my doctor.

Payments and Refunds
THERE ARE NO REFUNDS for The Potato Reset Course, Potato Reset Group Coaching or one-on-one coaching services.

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